eOsFree – A Re-Spin Of Elementary OS With No Guilty Conscience

eOsFree is a new Linux distribution derived off of Elementary OS latest stable release “Luna” suited for i686 / i386  architectures.

Updated Sep 18, 2016News

If you’re a Linux user and consider yourself part of the Linux community then you’ve surely heard about the latest Elementary OS controversy. (unless you’ve been living under a rock or something)

After the turmoil over Elementary calling users who download their OS without paying – cheaters (they’ve later edited that sentence though you can still see a quote through the link above), many people in the community felt the Elementary team has crossed the line.

These people and probably many others too will be glad to hear there’s a new distribution offering the same features as Elementary only a bit differently.

Meet eOsFree

As you can see eOsFree shares many similarities with Elementary upon which it is based off of.

However, unlike Elementary, eOsFree ships with Skype, full libreoffice suite, Caffeine plugin (disables screen saver temporarily) and a few other programs installed by default.

According to its author, the distro has full audio and video support and is capable of also mounting Windows partitions at boot time in case you’re a dual-booter.

The distro seems to be of Polish origins, as the country’s flag is waving over its website’s page.

Suitable for both desktops and laptops, it is fast, efficient and has relatively low hardware requirements.

A word of advice though, the distro seems to come with Polish language installed as default, so if you’re not speaking the language –

simply click on the switches icon (next to gimp) > click on the top middle icon which looks like a flag > raise English up by dragging it and then press the first button you see below it.

This will make English the default language once you log-out / restart the system.

Download eOsFree