How To Install VideoDevil Add-on On Kodi – Adults Only (including screenshots)

VideoDevil is a Kodi addon that lets you play videos from different adult streaming sites. 

Updated Mar 29, 2018Addons

[Update 26/03/17] Kodi version 17 and above users please see this guide: How To Install VideoDevil on Kodi 17 And Above.

Warning: use only if you’ve reached the appropriate legal age in your country / place you currently resides.

Kodi, as you may already know, is a media center program which offers a complete solution for all types of video genres, including adult materials.

VideoDevil addon for Kodi is an extension which enables you access to videos from adult streaming websites such as: YouPorn, Tube8, Boysfood, MoviesAnd, PornoTube, xHamster, KeezMovies and some other adult streaming sites.

The addon contains explicit adult material, hence the warning above. Now in case you’re interested in this addon and meet the necessary requirements, here’s how you can install it.

Installing VideoDevil On Kodi

There are basically 2 methods you can install this addon on Kodi, the first is quick and easy and is suitable for platforms which grant web browser and file manager access capabilities.

The second method will work on all devices, however, it requires a few more steps prior to installing the addon itself.

Method 1: Install VideoDevil From Zip File

1. Download the following Zip file:

2. Enter Kodi and go to: System >> Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file.

kodi system

Enter Kodi’s system settings

kodi addons

Enter Kodi’s addons settings

install from zip

3. Navigate into the folder where you’ve downloaded the zip (through the right pane menu) and select it to install.

install VideoDevil

That’s it, once you see a notification saying VideoDevil Add-on enabled you’re good to go and can start using it.

VideoDevil add-on enabled

Check out page #2 if you want to learn how to access the addon or how to install it from a repository.