How To Install VideoDevil Add-on On Kodi – Adults Only (including screenshots)

Updated Mar 29, 2018Addons

Method 2: Install VideoDevil From 3rd Party Repository

In case you had already used one of iWillFolo guides on how to install Genesis addon, Navi-X addon or 1Channel addon, you may skip to step 6.

1. In Kodi, navigate to System >> File manager, select Add source from the left side of the screen (on PCs you may need to double click it).

File manager Kodi

add source

2. Click on the text box that says <None> and type (using the on-screen keyboard) “” then click on Done to the side of the keyboard.

Enter file source path

3. On the lower text-box where it says “Enter a name for this media Source.” choose a name that you will easily recognize / remember and enter it the same way you did on the previous step [I use SuperRepoAll for its name], click OK.

Kodi enter a name

4. Go back to the main menu and navigate into System >> Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file, choose the folder you’ve just created, e.g. mine is SuperRepoAll.

Kodi install from SuperRepoAll

5. Inside there, select your Kodi version >> then go into Genres >> adult >> install the zip file in there.

Note, you may also need to enable the general SuperRepo repository in order to install the adult repo, do that by selecting your Kodi version the go into all >> enable the zip file inside. Enable it by clicking.

SuperRepo select your Kodi version

SuperRepo: select your Kodi version

SuperRepo select Genres

SuperRepo: select Genres

SuperRepo select adult

SuperRepo: select adult

SuperRepo install the adult repository

SuperRepo: install the adult repository.

6. After you’ve enabled the needed repositories, press the X button to he top left side of the pane. Now go inside Get Add-ons >> SuperRepo Others Adult >> Video Add-ons, and enable VideoDevil by selecting it then select Install.

enable videodevil

If you’re not sure how to access VideoDevil read the *How To Access VideoDevil at the bottom of the post.

How To Access VideoDevil?

Easy, just navigate from the main menu into VIDEOS >> Video Add-ons, there you’ll see it waiting for you to explore its many channels and features.

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