Install Futbol Kodi Addon And Watch Live Sports For Free – Complete Guide (W/ Screenshots)

Futbol addon lets you select and watch live sports from dozens of channels – all streamed directly to your Kodi box for free. See how you can install this marvelous addon.

Updated Oct 7, 2016Addons
Futbol Kodi Addon

It seems as though SportsDevil and Football Today are not the only Kodi addons to bring sports into the platform, at least not anymore, Futbol addon can do that too.

To install Futbol, you may use either one of the following alternate methods:

  1. Downloading its repository zip file using a web-browser (faster)
  2. Adding its repository source inside Kodi itself (suited for Kodi installations where you can’t freely browse the Internet).

Choose the option most suitable for you.

Install Futbol By Downloading Its Repository Zip File

1. To install Futbol by downloading its repository zip, simply start by clicking the button at the bottom of this post and download the zip file.

Note: some web browsers, such as Apple’s Safari for example, may require you to right-click the button and then select “save as” from the menu list, otherwise the browser might download and extract the file for you, effectively rendering it non-installable.

2. Launch Kodi and navigate into System >> Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file.

install from zip

3. Navigate into the location where you’ve downloaded file and click on it to install!

Install xunitytalk repository zip

4. Once the repository is installed, navigate into System >> Settings >> Add-ons >> Get Add-ons >> .XunityTalk Repository >> Video Add-ons and enable Futbol by selecting it then select Install.

Enable Futbol

That’s it, to start using the addon you will have to restart Kodi, then go into VIDEOS >> Video Add-ons, there you’ll see it waiting for you to explore its features…

Download Futbol-Repository Zip