This Is How Kodi Future Versions Will Look Like By Default. wow!

Estuary and Estouchy are the names of the next two new “skins” Kodi is going to come with by default.

Updated Mar 9, 2016News

Both skins will be installed by default on Kodi upcoming versions, however most users will start with Estuary while iOS users will start with Estouchy.

Note that the skins will revamp not only the home screen, as can be seen by the images, but also the library onwards where the developers ensured to keep a fine balance between functionality and information.

Customizing the skins by changing colors is a new-old feature which wasn’t utilized well enough up to now, but that shall be the thing of the past say Kodi devs.

Estuary - change color

In general your entire Kodi experience may change and become a lot nicer.

This is how Estouchy will look like:


If you’re wondering what’s the difference between the two is, the general motif is that Estuary is geared towards normal / big screens while Estouchy, as its name suggest, targets small touch screens.

One thing which should be mentioned regarding Estouchy though is that it’ll have less features than Estuary:

“The main reason is that the screen is simply not big enough to fit everything on it and remain usable.”

Available Starting Today

If you feel adventurous and want to try out the new skins prior to their release, starting today – you can!

However, note that they’re only meant to be installed on Kodi v. 17 and up, which is still in alpha stage (not really stable yet).

If you’re unsure how to install a new Kodi skin, this guide might be of service for you: Tutorial: How do I change Kodi’s theme / skin ?


Finally, here’s a short video walkthrough of Estuary by Team Kodi. Enjoy!