Servo, Mozilla’s In-Development Layout Engine, Makes Other Browsers Eat Dust

Servo is an experimental web browser layout engine being developed by Mozilla Research.

Updated Nov 16, 2016News
Servo 60fps

The image before you (above), is taken from a video demonstration which shows off a glimpse of Servo’s rendering capabilities when tackled with a fairly complex task.

Servo’s result, as you can see, a flawless 60 frames per second that is in comparison to other browsers (development versions) which only reached:

  • Google Chrome – 15fps.
  • Mozilla Firefox – 9fps.
  • Apple Webkit – 5fps.

The uniqueness of Servo compared to other layout engines out there, such as Webkit (Safari), Blink (Chrome and Opera) or even Gecko (Firefox), mostly stems from 2 characteristics:

  1. Servo is geared to utilize a highly parallel environment in which many components are handled by fine-grained, isolated tasks.
  2. Unlike other layout engines, Servo is written in Rust programming language which is one of the fastest programs producer there is.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that Servo is still in its early days of development and is far from being production ready. (see below how it rendered iWillFolo)

Servo - running iWillFolo

The complete video demonstration made by Jake Archibald – Developer Advocate working at Google: