Eyecandy: Check Out These Two Beautiful Themes For KDE By “fapasv”

How about refreshing your desktop looks with a bit of Apple’s “El-Capitan” or Google’s “Material design” style?

Updated Sep 29, 2016Customization
Kde El capitan

If you’re keen on Open Source yet at the same time like what the big companies has to offer, why not mixing both together?

Two new themes by Farid Aldana “fapasv” will help you transform your desktop into a stylish, modern one a la Google / Apple style.

Kde Material design

How To Install?

Simply download the theme you like by clicking the buttons below and follow the install instructions:

El Capitan    Material Design

Both themes may include a color-scheme and a QtCurve file. You can either install it manually (by moving the files to a designated location yourself) or automatically by using KDE built-in tools. The choice is yours!

Note: in case it isn’t installed yet, you’ll need qtcurve package prior to installing the themes.

In either way, if the file you’ve downloaded is zipped, first unzip it.

At the end of the procedure, remember, you may need to log out and in in order for changes to take effect!

Automatic Install

Open up System Settings and go to Application Style. Under Applications tab, next to Widget style: choose QtCurve and click Configure…

Under Presets click Import… and navigate to the file you’ve downloaded which ends with the suffix .qtcurve. Make sure you select it then from the presets list and click OK and Apply to apply it.

As for the color scheme, also inside System Settings, this time go into Color > click Import Scheme… and navigate to the file you’ve downloaded which ends with the suffix .colors. Select it from the list then click apply.

Manual Install

Move the files into their designated locations respectively using Terminal:

mv <FILE/PATH/&/NAME.qtcurve> ~/.local/share/QtCurve/
mv <FILE/PATH/&/NAME.colors> ~/.kde/share/apps/color-schemes/

Now open up the file ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals with a text editor, search for the [General] heading and fill the appropriate following keys with their correspondent values respectively.

For instance:





As for applying the QtCurve preset, since there’s still a little mess due to the move from Qt 4 to 5 currently, it’s probably better to apply it as suggested in Automatic Install.


After installing either one of themes above, it might be a good idea to search online for some nice window decorations that may accompany the themes a bit better.

You may do so from the System Settings tool, by going into Application Style select Window Decorations from the sidebar and then click Get New Decorations…