Final Term – Has Terminal Emulator Just Got Evolved?

Final Term is a new breed of terminal emulator which brings shortcuts and ease of use to your daily terminal chores, not only it looks very nice but it’s also very efficient as well.

Updated Sep 19, 2016Apps
Final Term

As a Linux power user myself, I certainly endorse any initiative that makes my work-flow faster and easier, Final Term seems to be targeting just that.

With a great feature set in its sleeve, even the novice user might feel a bit more confident when using the command line prompt.

Speaking of its features here’s a list of what Final Term brings to the table:

Final Term Highlight Features

  • Semantic text menus – Final Term knows which pieces of terminal output represent filenames, PIDs, web URLs or IP addresses and provides context-aware commands for each of them.
  • Smart command completion – auto-complete feature.
  • GUI terminal controls – Final Term lets you collapse command output much like a programmer’s editor lets you fold code.
  • Omnipotent keybindings – Binding any key (or combination of keys) to arbitrarily many functions.
  • Colors support – Final Term supports 8, 16, 256 terminal colors and 24-bit RGB terminal colors.
  • Dynamic line wrapping – lines wrap dynamically when you resize the window.
  • Themes – the entire UI can be skinned.
  • Drop down – did someone mentioned Guake?
  • Free

In a field that hasn’t seen much change since perhaps when drop-down terminals had been introduced, it’s definitely nice to see some new development coming from that direction.

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Download & Install

Final Term is currently still in alpha (even pre-alpha to be exact) stage, and is under heavy development so it’s neither stable nor feature complete yet.

In case you’d like to play a little with the new toy, see what it has to offer, here’s its Github page which also has instructions on how to install it.

Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch and Gentoo users will enjoy a simpler installation process – since someone in their communities has already took care of creating a working package of the app.

For those who aren’t interested in experimenting, iWillFolo is here to keep track of the development process, once a stable release will be ready, be sure you’ll be updated as well, so stay tuned.