GNOME Music Adds New Features, Users Seem Unsatisfied

New GNOME-Music features has been revealed recently, yet the target audience still doesn’t seem too eager to adopt the app.

Updated Sep 19, 2016Apps

Although GNOME has been pretty quiet lately, the work behind the scenes hadn’t shifted to a lower gear.

In fact, quite the contrary, and before you is the rundown of the latest features being added to future release of GNOME Music app.

New GNOME Music Features

  • Play Queue – a new play queue interface (image above) has been designed to improve quick access and interaction with shuffle and repeat.
  • Smarter playlists – ability to offer playlists based on the popularity of a specific genre inside your collection.
  • Media import – ability to rip a CD and add it to your music collection.


GNome Music 3.17

Yet in spite the above, users reaction doesn’t seem too thrilled to say the least.

Why The Cold Shoulder?

GNOME team, which by the way has the highest budget* of all open source desktop environments currently, has reached a new peak upon releasing the latest GNOME DE version 3.16.

The number of apps and features that came with this release is probably the highest ever since GNOME 3 series was launched.

However, while design seems to keep changing from one version to another, there’s one thing that apparently remains stagnant and that’s the users overall satisfaction of the project.

Even though it was only meant as a summary of recent design changes, the latest post by Allan Day (GNOME designer) has managed to draw a lot of criticism by users who mostly complain about lack of usability.

For instance, one of the comments mention that Music is ‘unusable for “large” music collections…‘ for it is “really slow” in compare to Rhythmbox for example.

This comment, which perhaps is reflecting the mood in which the greater community is in right now, hasn’t been answered by the author (as of writing) and is maybe falling on deaf ears.

Thus, it is no surprise why users feel discontent of the project and will probably keep pouring their complaints until a more attentive approach would be facilitated.

* according to reports