Are Millions Of Android Apps Headed Towards Plasma Desktop This Year (2016)?

A project which started about 2 years ago is getting very close to take shape in the form of Android apps running effortlessly on your Linux desktop.

Updated Sep 18, 2016News
shashlik android on plasma

shashlik is a Simulated Android Environment project which aims to integrate Android apps into the popular, open source, plasma desktop environment.

“Once things are running somewhat usefully, integration with Plasma will come next. That includes … taskbar integration, application launcher integration, windowed modes, etc.”

As you probably can imagine, this move, shall it occur, will make a myriad of new options accessible to Linux users all over the world.

Running Android apps on the desktop though, isn’t a unique idea on its own. For instance, there’s Android-x86 which is dedicated towards running a complete Android environment on PCs.

And of course, programmers have already had access to app simulation for a long time now – for development purposes that is.

However, this time it’s a bit different. It’s different because it’ll bring the apps to an existing Open Source desktop platform which will make it available for almost anyone in the world for free.

Furthermore, it means you could still be doing your regular desktop computing while adding to that your mobile computing, ahm, I mean your mobile .. um mobiling? Whatever you wish to call it, it’ll be added.

Nevertheless, there’s a long way ahead still, the integration is expected to be a little awkward, at least in the beginning stages of it.

“Some of these things will be a bit ‘funny’ for the Android apps as not all the concepts used on … Plasma … map to the Android concept.”

Check Out shashlik

The following short video from netrunnerchannel on YouTube demonstrate what the current stage of shashlik is capable of.

Users who wish to learn more are welcomed to visit shashlik Github page.