Got The Whole World: Google Targets The Car Industry With Android

A new update to a certain Android app will help bring Google to millions more car owners.

Updated Nov 9, 2016News
Android Auto (2.0)

In addition to being the most dominant company on the Internet, owning the most popular site on the planet –, and after recently having triumphed the browser wars. Google also ‘owns’ the mobile industry trough its Android branch – according to statistics.

However, if you thought that would be enough to make Google rest on its laurels, well, think again.

It seems the company has marked itself a new target, this time, it’s not the mobile but the automobile industry and the tool it uses to get it is no other than its highly popular Android system.

After initially launching its Android Auto app about 2 years ago, reaching over 200 different car models to support the app, today Google announced[1] they’re extending their reach by having Android Auto services available to drivers with cars that don’t have a built-in support for it.

How Does It Works?

The idea behind it is pretty simple, the Android phone you carry with you serves as a one-stop-shop for everything you may need while driving, from things like directions to your destination to replacing your car’s radio with music on your phone or from an online connected app.

But, and here’s the twist, it does all that while remaining distraction-free as possible. Essentially, it means most if not all services supplied by Android Auto are hands free activated. So, for instance, you could answer calls or access text messages just by saying “Ok Google … COMMAND”.

For things that do require hands intervention, the screen is designed to be driver friendly with larger touch targets so you could stay more focused on the road.

Android Auto phone and car display

Android Auto phone and car display

All in all it sounds like a great thing for us users, yet we have to remind ourselves that Google is a commercial company that built its fortune using advertisements.

In order to remain distraction-free though Google won’t be able to display ads while in Auto mode. So where is their benefit then?

Information equals power, maybe Google is not after selling things to us but after selling the information about us to others, just like another technology company has recently been caught doing.

By leaving the mike open so that voice activated commands could be executed, for example, you’re actually giving Google permission to listen to everything that goings on inside your car.

If you’re fine by that deal then it’s certainly is alright. However, it’s important that you’ll be aware of that deal might be taking place prior to getting into it.

Lastly, according to Google, the Android Auto update (version 2.0) that suppose to bring all these improvements talked about earlier, will be rolling out in the coming days to more than 30 countries where the app is currently available.