KDE On Wayland Is Almost Here! Daily Images Are available

New images of KDE Plasma 5 running on Wayland compositor are now available to download on a daily basis.

Updated Sep 19, 2016News
Plasma wayland daily unstable

Early adopters can now test KDE on Wayland by simply downloading and installing a daily image of neon’s developer edition (unstable!).

Despite still being under heavy development and certainly not yet considered “production ready”, Wayland high performance is clearly evident.

Nonetheless, if you like giving the developer’s edition a shot, keep in mind that you’re going to encounter more than a handful of bugs and missing features.

For instance, do not expect it to work on Virtual Box and do expect some of you’re regularly used apps to not work the way they should or at all – screenshot and screen-capture utilities are among the notables of this list.

neon with Plasma 5.6.90 loading...

neon with Plasma 5.6.90 loading…

Once ready, it seem that the desktop environments which are going to gain the most out of Wayland, are those which also have the reputation of being the heaviest, such as KDE and GNOME.

This may also account for the main reason why these 2 DEs are at the leading front of adopting and supporting the new technology together with Enlightenment and Hawaii which also make much efforts to support Wayland.

KDE neon is a rapidly updated software repository built atop of the latest Ubuntu LTS (currently 16.04).

Wayland is a “next generation” display server for Linux and Unix-like operating systems, intended to replace X.Org server, being simpler and easier to develop and maintain.

neon with Plasma on Wayland is available here:

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