New Features In Upcoming GNOME 3.16

Upcoming GNOME version 3.16 is getting imminent and with it will also come a variety of new features, following is a quick preview of some…

Updated Sep 19, 2016News

GNOME 3.16 is scheduled to be released in less than a month from now (25.3) – can you feel the excitement?

In the meanwhile we are getting the opportunity to take a glimpse at what it has in store for us, check it out:

GNOME 3.16 New Features Highlights

  • Theme got rewritten in Sass
  • Redesign of notifications – old notifications can now be found in the calendar popup
  • Message tray is now gone
  • A new privacy page added to GNOME-initial-setup – offers to opt out of geolocation and automatic bug reporting
  • Nautilus UI improvements
    • ‘Gear’ menu has been replaced by a popover
    • Improved list appearance
    • File deletion can now be undone from a notification.

Keep in mind though, all features stated above are merely reflecting the current state GNOME development version is at and may still be subject to change / modifications.

nautilus 3.15.90

Can You Try It Out?

People who wish to try out GNOME 3.16 (3.15.90 to be exact) ahead of its release are able to do so by installing Fedora’s latest development build and thus get their hands on it.

However, you should note that unless you’re a developer (or someone else who knows what he is doing) this is not recommended whatsoever.

If you do choose to install it, bear in mind it may break or not work at all thus it would be better to test it on a non critical machine such as virtualbox for instance.

No matter what you do, remember this is Linux, so try to have fun :)

Images: Matthias Clasen