KDE’s Plasma 5.5 Is Out, Brings New Features Including Better Wayland Support

KDE’s desktop software, also known as “Plasma”, has now reached version 5.5 which means many new / improved features are coming at your desktop.

Updated Sep 18, 2016News

After four months of hard work, KDE team has today released a new version of the most feature rich desktop environment for the open source platform.

Aside of the typical, less exciting to the end-user bug-fixing process that took place, there are also a few notable changes that you might be interested learning of.

Plasma 5.5 Feature highlights

  • New applets added to Plasma addons
  • New Discover design – Muon Discover is KDE’s equivalent to Ubuntu’s Software Center or Apple’s App Store
  • New default font – Noto
  • New selection of wallpapers
  • Better Wayland support
  • Updated Breeze Plasma theme
  • Improved backwards compatibility – legacy icons in system tray has been restored

To read more about Plasma 5.5 changes, visit KDE.

Muon Discover

Check Out Plasma 5.5’s Notable Features In A Video

Once released, the distribution of Plasma 5.5 among Linux distros shouldn’t take long. Depending on the distro you’re on, it might hit your package manager as an update as soon as several days from now or as late as several months.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to give Plasma, or perhaps even the entire KDE 5 suit, a chance, now may be a good time to reconsider.