Macaw Movies – a movie collection manager, is now part of KDE [alpha]

Macaw Movies is a new, open source, movie collection manager app that will help you better organize your movie files.

Updated Sep 19, 2016Apps
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If you’re having a large movie collection, or just looking for a better way to organize your movie files, Macaw Movies might just be what you need.

The app, which has recently been accepted into KDE family, is supposed to help you better organize your movie files, just as a photo manager helps you organize image files.

Macaw Movies features

Macaw features all kinds of handy functions that will assist you in keeping your “video-library” neat and tidy.

For instance, these are the features you’ll find in the latest release of the app:

  • Managing a local database of movies – having the ability to present and sort movie files.
  • Watch specified folders for modifications and automatically update
  • Ability to fetch a movie metadata from Internet
  • Built-in search option
  • Add arbitrary tags and view movies by tags

More features are planned to be added on further releases.

Get Macaw Movies

The good thing about Macaw, besides it being open source and free, is that it’s also OS-independent, meaning it should run on either Windows, Mac or Linux.

That said however, please keep in mind that currently the app is still at a very early stage of development and is not yet recommended for general use but for testing.

If you wish to give Macaw a try, you may do so by visiting it’s official website (click the button below) and downloading the version appropriate for your OS.

Of course, those who are able to give a hand and contribute to the project are more than welcome to do so as well.