Emerald – A New KDE Icon Theme

Linux users and KDE users in particular, check out the new Emerald icon theme for KDE.  so shiny!

Updated Oct 20, 2016Customization

Emerald is a new icon theme based on a combination of “Flattr” and “Breeze” (the new KDE 5 default).

Both Breeze and Flattr are highly popular icon themes in their own right amongst KDE users, though each may have its virtues as well as shortcomings. (“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”)

“clean and modernized icons theme.”

To transcend above those shortcomings one may find in each, a smart reasoning would be: “hey, why not simply combine the two?”.

And that’s exactly what Vince Liuice, Emerald-icon theme creator, did.

According to him, the icon theme can be simply described in short as a: clean and modernized icons theme.

Download & Install Emerald

Use the link below to download the icon theme and then extract the files inside it. Note: you’ll need 7zip (p7zip) tool in order to do so.

extract Emerald

Once you’ve extracted it, you’ll see three files at your disposal.

The .deb file may be used to install the icon theme in case your on a Debian based distro, otherwise, do one of the following:

To install both Emerald and Emerald-Dark simply move their respective folders into one of the following locations, depending on your own preferences –

Install as single user:



Install as root user:




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