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Retrospect allows you to watch re-runs/catch-ups of TV shows made available via their official broadcasters.


Retrospect is provided as is. We do not take any responsibility for possible (but highly unlikely) damage caused to your system. Nor do we take responsibility for the content that can be watched using this add-on or any consequences of using this add-on to watch content via the content providers' platforms.


Retrospect uses the official websites and freely available streams of different broadcasting companies (mainly Dutch, Belgian, British, Norwegian and Swedish) to make their re-run/catch-up episodes available on the Kodi platform. Some channels that are included are: NPO Start, (SBS6, NET5, Veronica, SBS9), RTL XL, NOS, Nickelodeon, AT5, Omroep Flevoland, L1, RTV Drenthe, RTV Oost, RTV Noord, RTV Noord-Holland, RTV Rijnmond, Omroep West, Omroep Gelderland, Omroep Brabant, Omrop Fryslân, WOS, DTV, Omroep Venlo Omroep Horst aan de Maas, Studio 040, RTV Utrecht, Omroep Zeeland, Eén, Vier,, VTM, Stieve, Ketnet, DPlay, SVT, ViaFree, Viasat, UR Play, MTV, NRK, BBC, Dumpert, Fox Sports, Pathé Nederland, and Ons. More information can be found at or the Retrospect wiki at


Retrospect v5.4.3 - Changelog - 2021-07-12 This minor update contains some fixes for channels and introduces a new (Beste van NPO) channel for Dutch expats. Framework related * Updated: Allow tests to switch channel code. GUI/Settings/Language related _None_ Channel related * Fixed: RTV Oost live streams (Fixes #1529). * Fixed: Minor KetNet issue with video titles. * Fixed: HLS streams for SVT are not stopping at the end. Using Dash for now (See #1433). * Added: (Fixes #1507).

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How To Install

Direct installation

Via Repository

  1. Download the addon.
  2. Open up Kodi and navigate into Add-ons.
    addon install - Add-ons
  3. Click the open box icon (above the side-menu).
    addon install - openbox
  4. Select Install from zip file.
    • If this is the first addon you install, Kodi will warn you about installing addons from "unknown sources" for security reasons - it's your call.
    • In any case, Kodi will warn you, you may not get auto-updates for this addon.
  5. Navigate into the location where you've downloaded the addon to and select it to Install.

For a full installation guide please click here.

Additional Information

Updated: July 13, 2021

In Repositories:

Kodi Add-on repository [Matrix], TVADDONS.CO Add-on Repository

Platform: all

Alternative Sources:

License: GPL-3.0-or-later

Depends On:

xbmc.python (>= 3.0.0)

requests (>= 2.18.0)

pytz (>= 2014.2)

InputStream Adaptive (>= 2.0.19)

YouTube (>= 6.8.0)

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