KShutdown Will Turn Off Your Computer at a Specified Time or Event

If you’re looking for an app that can be set to shut down your PC at any given time / event you like – KShutdown is what you’re looking for!

Updated Sep 18, 2016Apps
KShutdown app

Who among us haven’t faced that familiar dilemma of whether you should stay near your computer in order to turn it off after some download finishes or, on the other hand leave it on for the night just because you couldn’t keep awake [or some other reason] any longer…?

It’s true, we all have better things to do than sit next to our computers and wait for some task to finish so we could give our machine a little rest (and cool down the room temperature on the way too).

Of course, in our modern, technologically advanced, era there’s a solution for that dilemma and better yet, it’s an open source solution too.

Meet KShutdown

KShutdown optionsKShutdown will handle the turning off of your computer at any given time you wish, whether it’s a specified date or timer based (i.e. some time from now) and it can also be set for when a selected application exit.

But that’s not all KShutdown can do, it can also be set to restart, suspend or hibernate your machine or lock the screen, logout or execute bunch of extra commands selected from a predefined list.

The best part about KShutdown, besides it being a free, open source app, is that its graphical UI  makes it highly user friendly.

No need to be familiar with scripting or command line in order to operate it whatsoever.

Download & Install

In case you feel inclined to give KShutdown a try, you should note that its current version (beta) is available for both Windows and Linux platforms and can be downloaded via the following link (below).

Linux users are recommended to install it via their distro app repository in case it’s included in there.

Download KShutdown