Open source game – SuperTuxKart 0.9 is almost here, RC brings better graphics

SuperTuxKart is perhaps the best Open Source game that runs on all three major platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux. Its upcoming version’s release candidate is now available for download.

Updated Sep 30, 2016Apps
SuperTuxKart 0.9 RC

If you’re looking for a free and open source racing game to enjoyably pass your time with, no doubt, SuperTuxKart should be on your list.

It holds many of the features you might expect from a modern racing game – including story, single and multi-player modes, plus it has perks, such as, addons to extend the default arenas, tracks and characters.

The upcoming release of the game is meant to bring many improvements onto the table, most of which can already be seen in its latest RC version.

 supertuxkart new character

new attributes table

Besides abundance of bugfixes, new character and a new attributes table that is presented upon choosing your character, there are also major improvements under the hood, such as switching to a new graphical engine.

That said, gamers should note that with better graphics also comes greater requirements – now on, OpenGL 3 is a requirement.

This means that 0.9 version of SuperTuxKart may not and probably will not work on some very old hardware. The minimum supported graphics card is, according to authors, intel HD 3000.

Download SuperTuxKart

If you wish to play SuperTuxKart, you may find it available for download via its official website download page (link below).

People who want to try the latest and greatest 0.9 RC can also download it via sourceforge page, just mind you are downloading the appropriate version for your platform.

(The Linux pre-built version is based on Debian Wheezy, so you may also opt for building from source…)

SuperTuxKart-0.8.1    SuperTuxKart-0.9-RC