How to install TheYid’s addon for adults on Kodi (Full guide with screenshots)

All of TheYid’s adult addons are streamlined under one, big addon umbrella called “Adult’s only HUB”, install it and gain access to a vast library of adults content.

Updated Jul 30, 2016Addons
TheYids adult's only HUB

Warning: use only if you’ve reached the appropriate legal age in your country / place you currently resides.

Since Kodi can run on multiple platforms / devices, this guide shall offer 2 methods for installing the addon:

  1. Direct installation – faster, suitable for devices where you can browse the Internet (or access a file from a sideload).
  2. Using a repository – suitable for all devices.

directly install TheYid’s adults addon

1. Download the addon zip file by clicking the button at the bottom of this page .

Note: some web browsers, such as Apple’s Safari for instance, may require you to right-click the button and then select “save as” from the menu list, otherwise the browser might download and extract the file for you, effectively rendering it non-installable.

2. Enter Kodi and go to: System >> Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file, navigate into the folder where you’ve downloaded the zip (through the right pane menu) and select it to install.

select system settingsinstall from zipselect video_plugin_aob_zip

That’s it, once you see a notification saying Adult’s only HUB Add-on enabled you’re good to go and can start using it.

* If you’re unsure of how, check out the next page to learn how to access the addon.

Download Adult’s-only-HUB addon