Quick Fix XBMCtorrent / Stream Kodi addon: Unable to connect to YIFY Torrents

Fix Kodi addon – XBMCtorrent, or its derivative – Stream: unable to connect to YIFY torrents bug! It’s easier than it sounds.

Updated Sep 29, 2016Quick Fix
xbmctorrent_stream fix connecting to YIFY

As you may already know XBMCtorrent’s developer has stopped developing it and moved on to working on another project.

That said, there are still many people who use the addon and some of them are ending up here (on this site) looking for a solution for the new bug.

Since there’s seems to be nobody else who’s taking charge over the slowly dying project, I’ve decided to use my skills in order to look further into the issue and see if could be of help.

As it turns out, after looking closely at the error logs, both the problem and the solution aren’t really complicated as one might think and here’s how you can fix it:

Fix XBMCtorrent / Stream Unable to connect to YIFY torrents

In order to fix the bug, all you have to do is go inside your video addons: from the main menu click on VIDEOS >> Video Add-ons.

Now right click on XBMCtorrent (or Stream whichever you use) >> go inside Add-on settings >> select Advanced tab from the top and click on the YIFY Torrents row under Custom domains.

Change yts.to

Change the source from   http://yts.re    into     http://yts.to    >> click Done >> OK.

That’s it!

Note: you may need to restart Kodi for changes to take effect.

P.S. you may also encounter an error upon trying to use EZTV – Series on XBMCtorrent – if you do, I suggest you install Stream addon which is a fork of XBMCtorrent that also uses eztv as a source, only with Stream it works.

If someone knows a fix for the EZTV bug please email me or comment below and I shall incorporate the solution into this post, cheers.

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Ze Luis Reyna Zapata Jan '16
http://yto.to have the same problem. "Unable to connect to http://yto.to bla bla bla" please give another url...
daniel torres Nov '15
how can i add custom domains?
Alex May '15
Hi there, there is another error, but this time in Kick Ass Torrent, They have recently changed their site to KAT.cr, so, same thing to do: CHANGE http://kickass.to to http://KAT.CR :)
devil Apr '15
stream addon not working.. stream error. check log file for error.. error on every link
Liron Apr '15 devil
Hi there, I'm sorry I can't help you troubleshoot the errors you get. if this guide didn't fixed your issue, I suggest you try kmediatorrent