Kodi 17.2 Released, Fixes Security Issue, Improves Stability And Usability

Fixing a security hole, the latest Kodi 17.2 version contributes to stability and thereof is recommended to install at first opportunity.

Updated May 24, 2017Security
Kodi 17.2 fixes subtitles security flaw

Kodi users who haven’t done so already, are urged to update their software to the latest version of Kodi 17.2, the main reason being:

“Any previous Kodi version will not get any security patch”

Says Team Kodi. According to the team, they were recently contacted by Israeli company “Check Point”, which provides a wide range of security solutions, after the latter found “a new attack vector” which utilizes subtitle files to execute malicious behavior using various streaming platforms.

As you all know, Kodi is one such streaming platform that also has built-in support for subtitles (see How To Install, Configure and Use Subtitles In Kodi if you’re not sure how to use subtitles in Kodi), however, for your general information, Kodi is not the only platform at risk. Other examples include: VLC, Popcorn-Time, strem.io and more. So be sure to update those if necessary as well.

Aside from the security flaw which has been patched in this version, Kodi 17.2 also includes a number of “stability and usability” improvements, some of which are platform specific, like – setting the minimum version OSX 10.8 in macOS, or – using an alternative method to check whether platform updates were installed on Windows. While others are more general, for instance – detect and delete problematic database files which causes crashes.

In any way, Kodi Team emphasizes that users should not expect any new features in this release, as those are reserved for major updates, such as an update from v17 to v18, whereas minor updates e.g. 17.1 to 17.2 has a role of bringing bug fixes that contribute to the stability and usability of the software.

Get Kodi 17.2

As always, if you’re interested in downloading and installing Kodi on your machine, you may do so by clicking here and select the version which corresponds to your platform.

Note, some platforms may provide auto-updates as well, so be sure to check if you already have the latest version prior to downloading a new one.