This KDE-Designated New Theme Reminds of Another OS Translucent Design – HackaN Flat

“HackaN Flat” is (as its name suggests) a flat KDE theme based on QtCurve. Besides flatness being its main motif HackaN also has another feature under its sleeve which gives it a rather sexy looks…

Updated Sep 18, 2016Customization
HackaN Flat

If you look at the image above and think: ” Wow, this theme totally reminds me of the new OS X Yosemite translucent feature”, then you’re not the only one.

Far from that, you’re also right as well, see following image –

OS x yosemite translucency

So, how can you get it too?

Install HackaN Flat

Simply download the file from the link below (page bottom), and choose one of the following options:

Option #1 – If you want to install the theme only for a single user then move the file into:


Another way of installing for a single user is to open up System Settings from the KDE menu, go to Application Appearance >> select QtCurve from the “Widget style:” drop down menu.

Next, click Configure… >> choose HackaNSneakyFlat from presets drop down menu and click OK.

Note: this is also the way you apply the theme, don’t forget to click Apply button before you close the window.

* In case you don’t see QtCurve inside ‘Widget style’ drop down menu, then it’s probably because you don’t have it installed yet.

Look for it in your distro’s repository (using your package manager) and after you’ve installed it reopen System Settings to resume the theme installation.

Option #2 – If you want it to apply more globally, i.e. for all users, then move the file into:


Download Hackan-Flat