Does Amarok has a Successor? Meet KDE’s New Music Player

Check out the style of the newly designed KDE music player which seems to be destined to replace the default, current music player, Amarok.

Updated Apr 5, 2017News
KDE Music player

KDE’s new Plasma 5 workspace is already out, built on top of the new Qt 5 framework. So far we’ve seen visual changes are concentrated primarily on the enveloping shell. (the taskbar, start-menu, etc…)

However, not anymore! Thanks to the recent layout-guidelines established by the KDE design team, developers finally have the opportunity to start working on apps which match the looks and feels of the next generation D.E.

Next Gen Music Player

According to this thread, the player (still under heavy development) currently has 2 view modes designed for it – Playlist view and Party view mode – and at least 1 developer is currently working on realizing the app.

Moreover, it’s also being said that the list of features awaiting for implementation is as follows: saving and editing playlists, album views, visualizations, setup, adding and editing audio streams, and more.

KDE music player party mode

Of course, other features, suggestions and help are, as always with KDE, more than welcome, relevant feedback can be submitted via the same thread (link above), make sure you make it as constructive as possible.


In the rapid development pace things are currently going for the K desktop environment, I certainly look forward seeing the above music player along with other new apps reaching stability and availability as soon as possible and I’m pretty sure it won’t be too long.

[Update 5/4/17] the player is finally being materialized: Meet Elisa.