Android 8.0 Codenamed “O” To See First Stable Release Today, Can You Guess Its Full Codename?

According to Android release schedule, today (August 21) is the day the first stable release of Android 8.0 is expected to be launched.

Aug 21, 2017News
Android 8.0 released

A Android event has already been scheduled for 2:40PM ET today (live stream should be available here), and Android’s PR department seem to be warming up the engines towards the occasion.

It just so happens that in this same very date a rare eclipse which happens once every 99 years and could be watched across the US is also about to occur, therefore the event got branded as “the total solar eclipse” event, or “when the sun and moon meet”.

Regarding the new features expected to be present in Android “O”, it seems we’ve already covered the most notable ones, some of which we’ve even covered in greater length.

But there’s one thing we’ve still haven’t got a straight answer to – what would be the full codename of this release?

As you may know, all Android versions have codenames that are ordered in an alphabetical manner where each letter is assigned a name of a famous dessert or candy. So it was since version 1.1 (internally) known as “Petite Four” and through 7.0 and 7.1 “Nougat”, thus the upcoming release is expected to be no different in that sense.

While the folks at Android appears to be enjoying trolling us with all sorts of possible names –

Android employee Hiroshi Lockheimer presents list of popular name suggestions for "O"

Android employee Hiroshi Lockheimer presents list of popular name suggestions for “O”

Apparently, there’s one name that rises above all others. The same name has also been given a convincing claim lately as it was elegantly hinted by the professional leaker Evan Blass on his Twitter account.

As of publishing of this article, there is less than 6 hours left for the planned release event, where we could find out whether Evan was right on this one or not.