Will Google Replace Passwords With A New Trust-Based Authentication Method?

A newly developed authentication method by Google will rate how trustworthy is your login and will authenticate it based on a “Trust Score”.

May 25, 2016News
Trust API: Google replaces passwords

Abacus is the name of the Google project that aims to rid you off of the nuisance which is remembering and typing passwords.

In latest Google I/O developer conference, the company has introduced a new feature stemming from the ambitious project, called “Trust API“.

The API (Application Programming Interface) which will be available for Android developers by the year end “if all goes well”, is intended to make use of Android devices’ various types of sensors in order to profile a user and create what they refer to as Trust Score.

Based on that Trust Score, an application which requires login credentials will be able to verify that indeed you are authorized to login and thus will not prompt for a password.

Abacus to Trust API

Abacus to Trust API

A Point To Consider

Although the idea, functionality-wise, sounds pretty great – mitigating the burden which is password authentication.

The other side of the coin tough, is that once again, by doing so Google pushes us (deliberately or not) to give up our privacy in favor of ease of use.

Is it worth it? it’s up to you to decide…