Elementary OS “Isis” Shows Off New Progress

Elementary OS, the beautifully designed Linux operating system, is making large steps towards the release of its upcoming version called “Isis”.

Updated Sep 19, 2016News

In a new video that popped up recently on YouTube, Avi Romanoff, one of eOS core team developers, has shown off some of the new features eOS Isis has already gained.

eOS Isis current new features

  • Faster boot – eOS was already known for its speedy launching, but now it seems to have become even faster.
  • New lock screen – a more polished lock-screen which integrates better with the OS design and looks more coherent.
  • Wingpanel smart color changing – Wingpanel can now automatically adjust its color to fit the background or full-screen app in use.
  • Switchboard 2 – looks better and with new animations. (see link for more information)
  • Improved Midori – eOS protege, now uses webkit2 and supports flash straight out of the box.

However, not all apps in Isis are feature complete yet, for example, Pantheon Files is still not making use of the new “header-bar” layout feature, and Maya Calendar still needs some work to be done.

All in all, it’s very pleasing to see what eOS has now become, considering the fact it was only a mere icon set at its starting point, kind of inspiring when you think about it, isn’t it?

Lastly, here’s the original video posted by Avi, enjoy! but be careful, Avi’s enthusiasm can be contagious ;)