Popcorn Time a media streaming player based on torrents

Popcorn Time is a great multi-platform, free and open source media player which streams films directly to your computer via YTS and other torrent based trackers.

Updated Jul 17, 2017Apps

Note: Downloading copyrighted material may be illegal in your country. Use at your own risk.

Watching movies directly from the Internet has never been so simple and easy as it is today. After all, what can be more simple than just navigating into your favorite website and downloading the movie you’d like to see, whether it’s paid or free, as simple as that. right?

Well now, thanks to Popcorn Time project, it has become even simpler than that. All you need to do is just download Popcorn and basically, that’s it.  Upon opening it up you’ll find a large variety of films available to watch directly, neatly categorized and saving you the need of waiting for any download to finish.

The secret ingredient

What makes Popcorn Time such a great software, compared to any other you might find nowadays, is the the underlying technology it uses as its basis. That and its wonderful design too.

Popcorn-Time interface

The project developers have figured out that one of the most fastest ways to fetch files over the Internet would be by using a torrent tracker, a server which assists in communicating peers via BitTorrent protocol.

And then they thought, why not combining between the fast way to fetch files and the fastest way to watch a movie over the Internet, i.e. on-line streaming. That’s where the breakthrough came from and also what makes PT one of the best film streaming clients that exists today.

As already mentioned above, PT is totally free and open source software, its use is mostly depends on your country’s restrictions and laws.

In case you’re interested to find out more, check the official project’s website.