Android’s App of the Week (#7): Paperama

It’s fun! it’s challenging and it helps improve your creativity, Paperama is a fantastic game you wouldn’t want to miss. Nevertheless beware, it can be – addictive.

Updated Sep 29, 2016Apps

Paperama is an Origami puzzle adventure, it is beautifully designed, has amazing 3D folding effect, lovely Soundtrack and more than 70 puzzles to solve.

Paperama’s objectives

  • Fold the paper sheets to create origami figures.
  • work as accurate as possible to fit the form.
  • Don’t use too many folds!
  • Enjoy how a wonderful origami world comes to life.

As you can understand from list above, this game is not only fun but it also has some added value to it, it challenges you to successfully fold a paper into a distinguished shape, and it also teaches you the art of Origami and to be patient while you’re at it.


Author’s experience

In my experience the game seems very intuitive and easy to navigate, it incorporates nice, graphical animations along with a straightforward attitude and simplicity.

The only thing I’ve found to be a little bit lacking, is the touch responsiveness around screen edges. Sometimes when I tried to accurately fold the (virtual) paper close to the edge of the screen it wouldn’t come out right, and I’d need to repeat the action.

Nonetheless, that also could’ve been the fault of the device I used rather than an in-game design flaw. Whichever it is, I certainly wouldn’t call it a deal-breaker, even though it affected the overall experience.

When looking at the big picture, adding the soothing music, the benefits of brain exercise and the overall fun of the game, this little nuisance is pretty much negligible.


If you want to download Paperama and give it a try, it’s available currently only for Android (link below). But the company who made it also creates iOS apps, so there’s a good chance it’ll be available for iOS too, in the near future.

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