Android’s App of the Week (#5): DragonutZ

Do you remember that childhood TV-series you were so fond of watching? The one with the violence and pointy hair-styles? Dragon Ball Z was its name, and now, there’s also a promising smartphone game; Apparently, that Japanese anime which even today has millions of fans all around the world can still manage to inspire people, 

Updated Sep 29, 2016Apps

Apparently, that Japanese anime which even today has millions of fans all around the world can still manage to inspire people,  while some take that inspiration towards cosplay hobby, others are creating smartphone apps (games) thanks to it.

DragonutZ is a Real-Time Fighting RPG (Role-Playing Game) adhering to the original TV-series with a bit of naming and appearance modifications (probably to avoid copyright infringement).

DragonutZ features

The game offers you the ability to finally live your dream and become the “strongest and fastest warrior in the universe”!!! So, in case you were wondering how you can do that, here’s how it goes:

  • Create and customize your very own DragonutZ warrior!
  • Travel the universe!
  • Beat each planet’s dozens of levels!
  • Fight formiddable enemies! Get stronger every battle!
  • As you get stronger you can handle tougher gravity powers!
  • Uniqe leveling system: your Power Level represented by “Ki”, the more you have the stronger and faster you are!
  • Fly, Punch, Kick, Charge Energy, Shoot Energy Balls, Guard and Dodge in a easy battle system!
  • Easy to Control Buttonless system! no annoying floating buttons!
  • Transformations – when your power level is high enough something magical might happen…

Dragonutz gameplay

Author’s experience

The game appears to have plain graphics and straightforward set of playing rules, making it pretty easy to control and master. Since some battles require you to make an extensive use of long range attacks (energy balls), it seems that the optimal gaming experience would be achieved via a wide screen device, yet, not only.

Aside from that, the game offers a decent challenge, advancing through stages and gaining more powers doesn’t seem to be eroding the fun, at least not when you’re only at the beginning.

Considering the fact that games which looks even much more plain than that (such as Flappy-bird for instance) have gained a lot of success in todays market, it won’t be delusional to expect at least some level of success for DragonutZ too, especially when taking into account the TV-series fan population.

As of current DragonutZ is still in beta, though it felt very stable in my short experience, in case you’re interested in giving it a whirl, here’s a link to its Google-Play page. unfortunately, it’s not available for iPhone users at the moment.

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