Firefox 28 is out!

The rapid pace of development model the Firefox web browser is currently adhering to, has just made it spawn a new release bringing with it a few new features along with a handful of bug fixes.

Updated Mar 20, 2016News
firefox 28

It seems that this free and open source “high speed train” just keeps on moving forward, Firefox 28 is the latest and greatest version that came out just yesterday from the Mozilla project, and it brought a few changes along with it.

What’s new in Firefox?

  • Horizontal HTML5 audio/video volume control
  • VP9 video decoding implemented
  • Support for Opus in WebM
  • Support for spdy/2 has been remove
  • Various security fixes


Although the list may look rather small and unimportant, let us not forget that the previous release was made just a little bit more than a month ago, and besides, sometimes the little things are what matters the most, right?

If you were expecting to see the new interface design codenamed “Australis“, then don’t get too disappointed that it hasn’t came, since the good news are, the upcoming release of Firefox 29 is tentatively scheduled to finally introduce it.

firefox 28 interface