The Fastest OS on Earth!

It’s now official! approximately 98% of the World’s fastest supercomputers are operated by Linux!!!

Updated Sep 18, 2016News

If you needed more proof that Linux is the fastest OS on earth, then this might probably be it.

The Fastest OS Run by The Fastest Supercomputers

As mentioned in the last post about The Best Free Alternative to Microsoft’s Windows, there’s been an advancement in Linux’s domination over the fastest supercomputers in the world.

It’s now reached a sweeping number of 485 out of 500 which equals to 97% of the top500‘s list, taking into account the OS-family performance share this numbers add up to 98.2%.

Linux on 98 percent supercomputers

If you’ve been following the trend – you could easily see that Linux is slowly pushing out all its competitors and making its way to the top, thus to anyone in the field, this certainly came as no surprise.

Linux is almost completely ruling the supercomputing niche, however reaching a record number such as this doesn’t loosens Linux devs strive for performance –

As long as there’s a need for faster computers, such as that of businesses, stock markets and trading companies, there will be an effort by the Linux community to meet this demand.