The Best Free Alternative to Windows 8, 7, XP etc…

If you are a Microsoft Windows user who is unpleased with the place Windows is heading, or maybe it’s XP’s EOL that got you snooping around for a little change in your life? Either way, please, I encourage you to read on and perhaps you’ll find there’s a better, FREE alternative to Windows, as I

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Windows time to move on

I’ll make you a deal: It will only take a few of minutes of your life to read what I have to say, in case at the end of it you won’t be pleased and feel as if I just made you burn those minutes for nothing –

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Alright let’s get to it, so the best free alternative to Windows that exists today is…  ta da – Linux OS! formally known as GNU/Linux operating system.

Never Heard of Linux Before?

Allow me to introduce you to it, here are a few fun facts you probably didn’t know about Linux [until now, that is]:

1. Linux is a widely used OS which powers many different kinds of devices including: Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Servers, Game boxes, Home theater PC’s and the list goes on…
2. Close to 98% of the world’s fastest 500 Supercomputers are actually powered by Linux!!! with the top 10 completely owned by Linux! (as of writing this). It’s true, check out the lists on ‘top500‘ and see for yourselves.
3. Many smartphone owners are unaware of the fact that by using Android devices or Firefox OS or even less known ones such as Jolla’s Sailfish and Tizen, they are actually using Linux too.
4. Linux is highly customizable operating system which is free to be developed and redistribute thus it now has more than one hundred different distributions built on top of it, and we’re still counting.
5. Technically Linux, is actually just the name of the kernel (the core) which powers what is commonly referred to as Linux, the full blown operating system’s real name is in fact GNU/Linux, where GNU stands for all the free softwares atop of the kernel.
Elementary OS Linux

Elementary OS Linux

What’s The Secret?

So what’s the secret you ask? Why is Linux so widely used yet almost nobody hears about it?

Furthermore, why did all those different specialists (Supercomputer administrators, smartphones makers, etc…) chose to use Linux as an integral part of their projects instead of, let’s say… Windows maybe or OS X (Mac)?

Well the answers are [respectively]: It’s free and open source for starters. It’s hard to tell as a matter of fact I can only guess for the most part. Again, I can mostly guess yet it would be an educated guess.

Not good enough for you? you want me to elaborate? well the truth is I can keep on rambling for hours (even days maybe?! :0) but the point is you won’t know unless you’ll try for yourself.

Yes, Linux is a pretty large topic and it would be hard covering all in one article, if you want to know more about Linux you may start by typing Linux at the search-field to the top right corner of this website and check out a few articles which draw your attention.

If you’re still not convinced and want to know more reasons for why Linux is the best free alternative to Windows, read the next page, I’ll try to explain it from a more technical, non-biased (as possible) stand point as I can.

Ozon OS

Ozon OS (Linux)