Windows 10 Available From July 29, Should You Upgrade / Switch?

Windows 10 being available starting July 29 is not only marking the beginning of a new Windows era, but it is also marking the rise of a new dilemma: should you upgrade / switch to Win-10? In the following I will try to share my honest thoughts and opinions whether you should give Win-10 a

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Windows 10 preview

In the following I will try to share my honest thoughts and opinions whether you should give Win-10 a try or not based on the OS you’re currently using.

Windows 8 Users

Unlike Windows 8, which didn’t saw high adoption rates – for its UI (User Interface) seemed to be geared mostly towards mobile devices, Microsoft promises us that Windows 10 will be multi-device ready.

In other words, its UI is going to “adapt” to your device, meaning on a desktop device the OS (operating system) will look like the classical desktop with a Start-menu and Taskbar, and on mobile it will be more “Tiles” oriented.

Judging by many reviews around the net and my own experience with it so far I’d say: once it gets the final polish and latest bugs sorted out, W10 would probably feel to most desktop users like a major step upwards in comparison to Win-8.

Windows 10 tablet mode

However, what about the beloved, currently most widely used, Windows 7?

Windows 7 Users

In case you’re a Windows 7 user, will it then feel like a step upwards or perhaps Win-10 would seem bloated and a resource hog?

Well, my most honest answer to that question is – it might! Nevertheless, it’s very likely that for the vast majority of users this question is simply irrelevant.

How can I say that?

How can I say that Win-7 is the most popular OS at the moment and at same time that it’s irrelevant whether Win-10 is better or not.

Easy, if you read the post about Microsoft Stopping Windows 7 Updates starting January 13, 2015 then you’ll know that if you want to stay on the safe side of mainstream support (which I assume most people would), then you don’t have much choice but to upgrade.

Windows 10 Spartan

Of course, another alternative could also be to simply migrate to another OS, which brings me to talk about:

Open Source OS Users? (Linux, BSD, etc…)

If you’re an open source OS user like myself, then you’d probably be curious to at least try Win-10 out.

Open source community, let’s face it – if we were curious enough to wander into a scarcely used OS such as any Linux distro, BSD and so on then we are also likely to be curious about the latest Win-10 as well.

As to whether an open source OS user should completely switch to using Win-10, I think the answer depends on 2 separate types of users:

  1. Ideologists
  2. Best performance seekers

If you identify yourself as belonging to the first group then there’s probably not much deliberation here for you, because the last time I checked Windows was still run by a huge proprietary corporation.

However, if you find yourself being more along the lines of the second group, then you’re probably going to have a big dilemma there, since Win-10 has adopted some of the open source features you already know and like such as multiple-workspaces for instance, so it might make it harder on you to choose one.

windows 10 workspaces view

That being said, thanks to the nature of open source OSs and their boot loaders, you are still left with the ability to dual boot, thus having the best of both worlds.

What About Macs?

Mac users were kept for last though they aren’t least, since unlike all the aforementioned, OS X users – and I’m talking about the core users not those who had just decided to “give it a try” – are perhaps having the least of reasons to make a switch.

For these users who didn’t like Windows back in its jolly XP days or the now declining Win-7 days, I personally see almost no reasons to make the switch now.

Even though Win-10 might be an improvement to Win-7, it’s still is all that it is. I mean it’s just an improvement, nothing more.

I’d certainly wouldn’t say that it’s a completely new experience.

Although it has many nice new features to show for, the way we use it on the desktop is probably not going to change dramatically.

So Mac users, should you upgrade, or in your case – switch to Windows 10? My thought is probably not.

Do you agree with the above or not? share in the comments below…