Announcing: The Opening Of iWillFolo’s Forums! Hurray

iWillFolo’s fresh new forums has been launched today. In case you have any general questions, suggestions / requests or you simply are looking for support, this is the place to get it! You may have noticed that lately it’s been a little quiet around here… Though there wasn’t much exciting stuff to write about, besides

Updated Sep 5, 2016Editorials
iWF Forums

You may have noticed that lately it’s been a little quiet around here…

Though there wasn’t much exciting stuff to write about, besides a few rare gems such as DWD and the much needed XBMCtorrent fix, it wasn’t the main reason for why the site was quiet.

Behind the scenes, where you can’t see nor you’ll have much interest to look, I’ve been using this quiet time to polish and expand iWillFolo’s functionality, in order to make it easier on you – the reader, to get what you came here for.

I must admit I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now, and I’m still not sure this is the way to go. Nevertheless, it probably wouldn’t hurt to try though (plus, setting up forums was just a to big of a challenge for me to pass up).

Why Forums? What’s Wrong with Comments?

Well, as I just said I’m not so sure either…  What I knew for sure is I wanted a way to make it easier on iWillFolo readers to communicate with me and with each other so that we could all benefit from that.

If you’ll ask me, I’d say there’s nothing wrong with comments and of-course, let’s not forget there’s also social networks available as well. But the thing is each of these are just tools to make it easier on us to communicate.

As many of the latest events has proven – the site comments and social networks are simply not enough to help users get what they want.

One post in particularly, has showed me that an act needed to be done, when people started asking support questions about a How To I wrote, I realized those questions where suited for support-forums much better than they’re in comments.

And even more so when my email started filling up with mails regarding individual use cases who had technical issues (rest assured most of those issues have already been answered and solved).

However, I’m only one man, hopefully with the forums at hand, other people would feel comfortable to answer questions and help each other too.

But the Forums Won’t be for Support Alone…?

No. they won’t. If you’ll visit the forums right now, you’ll see that there are also requests / suggestions and general questions available as well.

This is of course, a very basic and limited layout (I also haven’t gotten to write the rules as well – feel free to help :) ), just to start with. It will expand in the future if needed.

On the other hand, in the event the forums wouldn’t be much of use, there’s also the option to close them and try something else instead. We’ll see when we get to that…


Other than that, the website itself also got a little bit of a facelift so to speak. Don’t be shy to explore it and if you have any feedback, please do tell me about it…