iWillFolo’s 2014 Year In Review

Happy new year everyone! Year 2015 has arrived but before we turn over to a new page in our minds let’s take a moment to savor and sum up the year that passed – 2014. The passing year on iWillFolo was certainly the year of XBMC / Kodi. Although the website is dedicated to all

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The passing year on iWillFolo was certainly the year of XBMC / Kodi. Although the website is dedicated to all open-source projects, it’s just impossible to ignore the fact XBMC articles had definitely took over the spotlights.

As you can see in the column to the right, iWillFolo’s most popular posts consists entirely of XBMC articles (as of writing this), and all that despite the fact they are representing a mere ~6% of the published posts of this year.

More statistics:

  • Linux posts = ~30%
    • of which are about KDE = ~10%
    • GNOME = ~14%
  • Android posts = ~15%
  • Web browsers = ~9%
  • Other / related to the categories above yet aren’t directly referring to it = ~46%


Aside from that, veteran readers of iWillFolo would be able to attest the great deal of change the site has went through this year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t kept any screenshot / image of how iWillFolo looked like at the beginning of 2014, so I can’t show you how greatly the site’s evolved.

Nonetheless this time, I’m going to post an image right at the bottom of the article so that anyone who wish to indulge in nostalgia could come here whenever s/he like and compare the differences.

Beyond visible, superficial changes I can tell you that much of the underlying technology has changed too, in order to boost your experience.

I guess this is not surprising when it comes to a website that deals with technology matters on daily basis though.

However, not all changes proven to be for the better and some of which had simply failed the test of time, e.g. the forums are a good example for that – they’ll be depreciated soon, also, a planned transition to Drupal CMS was aborted right in the nick of time.

For those who remember, at the beginning of the passed year I wrote an article which kind of summed up the previous year but also included predictions for the upcoming year, which was then 2014.

You can say I was mostly right about my predictions, though I admit I was pretty careful about them – didn’t took any big gambling chances…

In that spirit, here are my predictions for the year to come (2015):

Distributions: This year is going to be a good year for other distros to prove themselves, aside from the furious 5, i.e. Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, Open-suse and Fedora, I believe another distro will be able to sneak its way into the leaders board.

Desktop Environments: KDE, without a doubt, I believe this year is going to be dominated by the K Desktop Environment and its Qt5 technology.

Init System: systemd, which was the source of a great controversy in the passing year, would probably still be dominating the init realm of most distros, though it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say it might suffer from growing unsympathetic public opinion.

So that’s it for the iWillFolo end of the year summary, hope you enjoyed (and that I’m right about my predictions :-) ). Have a happy new year!

Goodby 2014, Hello 2015!

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