Elementary OS Phone Concept!

Everyone inside the Linux community have already heard about Elementary OS (eOS for short). It’s the new cool kid on the block which brings design and beauty into a pragmatically dominated OS sphere.

Updated Sep 29, 2016Introductions
eOS mockup1

Ever since the idea of beautifully designed Linux OS took shape, many innovative, artistic minds have started to become more and more prominent and started showing off their artworks. Some of these new generation artworks are conceptualizing what seems to be the natural flow of where eOS is headed, that is – the mobile OS.

The Mockups

All sorts of new forms and shapes (mockups) has began to spring up like mushrooms after rain.  Some of these mockups were even made by eOS founder itself Daniel “DanRabbit” Fore.

eOS phone concept

Other mockups were seem to be made by design enthusiasts and perhaps even professionals who made them just as a hobby. In any case, they turned out to be very nice and quite eye catching, at least, if you’re one of those who likes eOS’s design concepts.

eOS mockup1 eOS mockup2

Beautiful are they not?

Will the concepts be officially realized? it’s hard to tell right now, since eOS still has plenty of other matters to attend to currently regarding the desktop itself. However, if you like, there’s one mockup that can already be installed on your phone as a theme, but be cautious – it’s still in alpha stage.

 eOS phone mockup3