Finally, A New Version of Popcorn-Time is Out! Fixes Movie Thumbnails Not Showing

Popcorn-Time version 0.3.7 has been released and with comes a long awaited fix for a widely spread bug which caused movie covers to not show in the movies section catalogue.

Updated Sep 18, 2016News
Popcorn-Time 0.3.7

It was a change in the API (Application Programming Interface) of a service Popcorn-Time was heavy relying upon that caused movie covers to not show properly (to wit: at all).

If you felt motivated enough by this bug to start looking for a solution online by yourself, then you’ve probably discovered a few forum threads that suggested methods to circumvent the issue.

However, for the most part, these solutions involved a little code editing which might be a bit scary for the uninitiated, furthermore, there was also no guarantee they’ll be successful either.

So, it definitely wasn’t an ideal way for getting rid of the issue.

Luckily (or not), PT devs were already aware of the bug roaming their app making their users (rightfully) complain about it, and yesterday it finally happened.

A new version of PT was released bringing a few updates and of course, the long awaited bug fix everyone were so desperate to have.

Users of PT versions earlier than 0.3.7 are highly encouraged to upgrade in order to get rid of the annoying bug and also in order to get the latest features too.

On another note, besides bug fixing the latest version of PT also has new features to offer, the most notable one would be – a new Anime screen was added to the main navigation menu to the top of the app window.

Popcorn-Time Anime

Anime lovers would surely welcome that change.

And yet another update with regards to Popcorn-Time itself is also, the very long awaited Android version of the app is finally out and is presented for download on the app official website (see link below).

iPhone users a can still opt for trying Time4Popcorn version which is an alternative project to PT and has a version for iOS available as well – see Stream Movies & TV-Shows to your Mobile.

Download Popcorn-Time 0.3.7

In case you don’t have Popcorn-Time currently installed on your computer, then simply go to PT official website (link below) and download the latest version from there.

If you do already have it installed, then it should suffice to go into the About page inside the app (just click the “i” icon to the top right window corner) and issue an upgrade from there.

Popcorn-Time Website