Geary The Lightweight Email Client Adds Inline Composer Feature

Updated Sep 29, 2016News

The community-favorite e-mail client Geary has just gained a major new feature to its development branch:

Next release of Geary (0.8) will include an inline composer – set by default so you could reply to messages without having another pop-up window cluttering your screen.

How Didn’t They Came Up with it Even Before?

That’s the question I’m asking myself right now, and I’m not referring to only Geary, but other Email clients as well seem to have missed that feature from their feature collections.

Now, instead of a new window popping up on the screen, the composer is embedded in the window right below the message you’re replying to.

Such a plain yet ingenious attribute is one of the things, which in my view, makes Geary stand out above other Email clients out there.

Miss The Pop Up Window?

Don’t worry, a new window can still be applied, in fact it’s just a click away in case you prefer the ‘classic’ mode with the pop up window.

Just click on the Detach button (see image), and you’ll be composing your reply in a new window instead.


Donwload & install

If you like to experiment with Geary and its new features, you can do so by building it from Git-master or via Yorba’s Daily Build PPA.

Otherwise, it’s probably available under your favorite distro’s default repositories.