Yorba Releases Geary Email client 0.8 and Shotwell Photo-Manager 0.20, So What’s New?

Yorba, the foundation behind both Geary and Shotwell projects, have announced the immediate availability of both its flagship projects, carrying new features and important bug fixes with them.

Updated Oct 7, 2016News
Yorba Geary & Shotwell

The much anticipated release of both Geary and Shotwell apps has finally arrived, those of you who might remember iWillFolo’s post about Geary’s Inline Composer Feature expected to land in this release will not be disappointed.

But that’s not the only feature Geary has gained in this release, below are the short lists of both Geary and Shotwell most noticeable changes in these versions.

Geary 0.8 Highlight Features

  • Major redesign of email composer, now presented inline in main window
  • Composer will automatically add signature to emails
  • Saving drafts to server can be disabled
  • Improved interface, now using GtkHeaderBar and modern widgets
  • Database speed optimizations to reduce lags and improve read times
  • Improved connection handling and reestablishment
  • Show attachments lacking a Content-Disposition
  • Important bug fixes
  • Updated translations

Yorba Geary 0.8

Shotwell 0.20 Highlight Features

  • Support for Rajce.net and Gallery 3 photo services
  • Set background image for lock screen
  • Better detection of corrupt images during import
  • Important stability bug fixes
  • Updated translations

As you can see, both apps have received some major enhancements over this release cycle, and it’s probably needless to say that the development continues on.

Shotwell 0.20

Install Yorba’s Geary and Shotwell

Both apps are generally available in most major Linux distributions, simply look for them inside your distro’s default repository.

In case the upgrades haven’t landed in your distro yet, try to keep patience because it’s probably going to happen shortly, or you can also request the upgrade from your distro maintainers.

If you’d like (and have the know-how), here’s the source file tarballs so you can compile them from source.