GNOME Software Upcoming Versions Will Reduce Screenshots blur

Tired of looking for apps through GNOME-Software but seeing mostly blurred images that makes it harder for you to decide whether it’s the app you want? read on.

Updated Feb 9, 2016News
GNOME software

In an effort to reduce the frustration of both app maintainers and users alike from seeing only a blurred screenshot of apps inside GNOME-Software.

Gnome developer and Fedora employee Richard Hughes has issued instructions for ideal images sizes and aspect ratio.

“If you have one screenshot, capture a PNG of size 752×423. If you have more than one screenshot use a size of 624×351.

If you use any other 16:9 aspect ratio resolution, we’ll scale your screenshot when we display it. If you use some crazy non-16:9 aspect ratio, we’ll add padding and possibly scale it as well, which is going to look pretty bad. That said, any screenshot is better than no screenshot…”


Though the sizes doesn’t seems to be much of a logical standard, there’s a good reason for why those work best:

“We need two sizes related my a third size, so that medium+small=large for the layout to work correctly.”

GNOME software screenshots

This kind of refinement is aligning directly with GNOME overall trend of “every detail matters”, hopefully this will mitigate users adaptation to Linux and improve their experience in the future.