How To: Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen” Timestamp [become invisible]

Sometimes, in order to protect your privacy, you’ll encounter a situation where you wish to hide your Last Seen timestamp from WhatsApp messaging app.  Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not supply you with the means to do so (Android) as default, hence, this post is here to aid you overcome this obstacle.  Start by Choosing a method There

Updated Sep 30, 2016How To's

Choosing a method

There are 2 kinds of ways to hide your Last Seen timestamp, in essence, both are based on the same principle, but differ in the way of execution, so feel free to use whatever suit you best.

Method #1: Automatic – use an app

There’s plenty of different apps to choose from, just pick one and install, here are some of the most noteworthy ones: NO ADS, Hide Status, ~shinobi.

WhatsApp No Last Seen

Method #2: Manual – disconnect

In order to read and write messages without being seen doing so, just manually turn off your smartphone’s Interent and Wifi connection, then open up WhatsApp, read / write messages, close it when you’re done. As soon as you’ll return Internet connectivity, WhatsApp will synchronize with the servers and your messages will be sent without the server getting your last online status update.

* iPhone

iPhone users are in luck, since unlike Android users, you do have a built-in option to turn off Last Seen timestamp, just go into WhatsApp Settings >> Advanced >> Last Seen Timestamp > turn it off.