Stremio Media App Arrives At Android Platform, Video Streams On Your Mobile

A new mobile-dedicated version of Stremio, especially suited for Android, launches today.

Updated Dec 24, 2016Apps
Stremio for Android

A little more than a year ago I wrote about Stremio in the context of it being a great alternative to Popcorn Time which was dealing with all sorts of issues that prevented it from being available nor fully operational at the time.

Since then, many things have changed, Popcorn Time was resurrected from the dead and today (December the 19th) Stremio is celebrating the first official mobile version made for the Android platform.

To refresh your memory regarding Stremio, here’s a quick overview of the notable features it offers:

Stremio Feature Highlights

  • Stremio provide streams for popular movies and series
  • Provides recommendations for movies, series and channels based on your personal taste
  • Has notifications for new episodes of Series and YouTube channels you have added to your personal library
  • Has filter mechanism that lets you Discover new content by genre, year, director and actor
  • Has built-in Extensions framework – Stremio relies on both official and community add-ons for providing content

So far these features were only available on the desktop version of Stremio – be it for Windows, Mac or Linux – since the app only had an official version for that specific platform, however, not anymore –

Stremio On Roids, Androids That Is

“Exciting news, we are launching our Android app on 19th of December.”

Says Dimo Stoyanov, co founder of Stremio.

With the aim of being “the one-stop place for all your favorite video entertainment”, reaching out to the mobile platform is certainly a major step in achieving that goal.

As for the mobile version itself, the very first thing you’ll note about it is the user interface which was beautifully adapted to accommodate the different screen sizes.

Besides the looks it might pleases you to know that all the rest is basically the same as Stremio devs managed to port all the core functionalities – Discover, Board, Library and search – into the Android version.

The first time you launch the application it might take a short while to load as it probably loads first-time running scripts or something of that sort, however the launch speed appears to be quicker later on.

Strmio first run

Strmio first run

Also, for understandable reasons, the performance might also be impacted by the your connection speed, so keep that in mind when you use the app.


As of current, the official release is not yet available on the site, so users who wish to give Stremio for Android a try can do so by downloading and installing the officially released version available below.

Try Stremio for Android