How To: Install Flappy Bird without Google Play store

As you may have already heard, the next new addiction in mobile gaming has recently went off the store shelves, i.e. Flappy Bird is no more available for download through Google Play store.  If you are one of those who had only just found out about it and wish you could play the original game

Updated Sep 29, 2016How To's

Note: In case you already have the app installed on your device, just don’t delete it and everything will stay fine as it is. If that is not your case, keep on reading.

Yes, there are many copycat apps which try to mimic Flappy Bird’s look and feel, and some of them are actually quite good by the way, but of course, nothing compares to the real deal, right?  So, how can you install Flappy Bird without the help of Google Play store?

Install Flappy Bird

Android-Unknown-SourcesGo inside your Android device Settings > Security > tap Unknown sources to allow installation from a source different from Play store. Now Download Flappy Bird through one of these links: fileunlckr, dev-host, droidbin, or by using a Google Play store alternative, next, install the app using your device built-in installer (by tapping the downloaded file) or by using app installer such as Easy installer.

that’s it, you’re done!
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