How To: Fix mouse pointer becoming invisible on GNOME after login

The GNOME 3 desktop environment is one of the most popular Linux D.E’s currently exists out there, and for good reasons too, that is. It supplies the user with a complete and coherent desktop solution as well as having an innovative design which is constantly getting upgraded in a rapid pace. However, being the groundbreaker

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However, being the groundbreaker that it is today, does not come without its costs too. GNOME releases a new version every six moths or so, usually packed with a plethora of new features and sometimes loosing a few also. In this fast pace of advancement, it is not uncommon for the average Joe to encounter a bug along his day to day deeds.

One such bug you may have found yourself already annoyed by, is the invisible mouse pointer upon login in to your desktop. Luckily, the Linux community is saturated with bug reporters and sensible developers which had already reported the bug and found a workaround too.

Fix the invisible mouse

In order to go around this bothersome bug all you need to do is type the following on your Consol / Terminal app:

gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.cursor active false

This will prevent the mouse pointer from becoming invisible and not coming back after a fresh re/boot.
Now remember, this is only a workaround until a proper fix will be found.

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