GNOME Videos (Totem) gets redesigned, should be ready for 3.12

Totem video player has received a lot of attention from its GNOME developers lately, which have finally succeeded in creating a new, easier-to-use and much more attractive UI for the app.

Updated Sep 19, 2016News

What’s new in Videos

The new looks of Videos is a lot more websites-friendly than ever before, i.e. it allows you to discover and play different kinds of media, from various sources, right from the app itself without even opening a web-browser.

Moreover, the search-box is now integrated right into the top panel buttons when you are inside browsing mode, unlike previously when searching and browsing were located at different sidebars each and no thumbnail images were shown.

Aside from that, the main playback mode has a bit more polished and modern appearance now, with video specific menu, gear menu and nicer pop-ups, utilizing an OSD (On Screen Display)  upon mouse move or a “tap” in case you’re having a touchscreen device.


GNOME developer Bastien Nocera, also known as “hadess”, have showcased a few images (see below & on top) on his blog, exhibiting the new UI and the added capabilities.  Note that, some of these features were already available in current and previous releases of Totem, through plugins made by third-party developers though.

  • sources-with-search
  • Totem-fullscreen

GNOME Videos is the official media player of the GNOME desktop environment, depending on the codecs installed on your distro, it can play any type of video or audio file you want and also has a built-in support for playlists.