Looking For a Free Torrent App For Android? Check Out “Android Torrent Client”

“Android Torrent Client” is a free and open source downloading program based on BitTorrent protocol.

Updated Jul 30, 2017Apps
Android Torrent Client app

Everyone knows nowadays that one of the fastest ways to download any type of file over the Internet is by using a torrent program (client).

Most people are probably familiar with applications such as: µTorrent, Transmission, qBittorrent or Vuze – all of which are awesome on the desktop platform, however, what about a torrent client dedicated for mobile users? in particular, Android platform?

Meet Android Torrent Client

Android Torrent Client (ATC) is exactly the answer to the above question.

While some of the above clients and others have both mobile and desktop platform version, ATC is going the other way around by being mobile first, and perhaps in the future will also have a desktop version.

The uniqueness of ATC is not limited to targeting Android platform though, besides that ATC is also lightweight and simple app anyone can learn how to use relatively quickly. It supports obviously torrent links as well as magnet links and lets you create torrents out of local files on your device.

Speaking about simplicity, ATC adheres to Google’s Material Design specifications and fits seamlessly with the rest of Android system, granted yours is above version 5 “Lollipop”.

Lastly, as network usage can be an issue for many mobile users due to the way cellular companies market their Internet bandwidth plans, ATC includes a setting allowing you to choose whether to download only when connected to WiFi or not – the feature is on by default.

On the drawbacks side, as mentioned, the app is not robust but lightweight so you’ll probably won’t find every possible feature you may think of in it (some see it as a virtue, others may not).

Aside from that there isn’t a desktop version of the app at the moment and it’s not clear whether there ever will be.

Moreover, the app will affect your battery drain speed as it runs in the background in order to keep downloading (this is valid to all mobile torrent clients basically), however you can exit anytime you want through tapping Exit from the menu.


To get ATC you may either download and install it straight from source, which is currently found here – installation instructions are provided in the link.

Or, and this is probably a preferred option for most users, search and download ATC from F-Droid – requires you to have F-Droid installed.

The reason the second option is preferable is due to F-Droid also supplying updates whenever those are available.