Midori Web Browser Calls For A New Debian Package Maintainer!

If you’re a Debian or a Debian based distribution user, you might care to know that Midori web browser package on your distro is in need for a new maintainer.

Updated Mar 14, 2017News

In a new post called ‘Kitten looking to be adopted’, published on Midori’s lead developer website, there’s a call out for a new maintainer for the Debian package of the notorious lightweight browser.

In case you’re not familiar with Midori yet, here’s a quick summary for you: it’s a highly capable browser, famous for being super-lightweight, based on the webkit layout engine. (check out: Midori Browser – the Best lightweight Alternative to Firefox / Chrome)

Back to the Debian maintainer call out, the post mentions the following scenario as an example that’s goes to show why it’s so significant:

  • This Midori looks interesting, maybe I should try it out.
  • Aha, there’s a Debian package for it.
  • sudo apt-get install midori
  • midori (0.4.3+dfsg-0.1)
  • Meh, pretty crashy, I better ask some devs for help.
  • Ah, so 0.5.8 is the latest.
  • So why isn’t this packaged!?

Did that happened to you too? hopefully not, but in case it did – this is the reason why. So, in case you have the skills or perhaps you know someone who have them, don’t be shy to hop on board and see if you can contribute.

I’m sure many users will be glad you did :)

To know more about the subject and contact the devs visit their website (link below) and leave a reply or contact them via means given on site.

P.S. you might get a t-shirt out of it…