New Breeze Cursor Icons are Available for Installation Prior to Upcoming Plasma Release

Grab a set of the updated breeze cursor icons pack before everyone else, by downloading it directly without waiting for the new Plasma workspace to be released.

Updated Sep 18, 2016Customization
Breeze cursor icons

As you may probably already know by now, Breeze is the new KDE 5 default theme.

Breeze brings a modern, refreshing design to the beloved K-desktop environment, which many of you would surely agree, really needed a bit of design makeover.

In case you aren’t lucky enough to have KDE 5, i.e. KDE Frameworks and Plasma Workspaces, available on your distro repository as of yet, then you probably be delighted to know that there’s a way to make KDE 4 look and (somewhat) behave like KDE 5.

Back to the herein subject, part of the refreshing Breeze icons set are the cursor icons pack, which as you can see (above) looks pretty nice and it goes very well with the rest of the theme.

So this is how you get it:

Download & Install Breeze Cursor Icons

Click the download link below which will take you to Ken Vermette’s blog – the KDE developer who decided to share the icons with the world.

Unless you intend to “mess” (edit, remaster, or improve) the icons, simply go with the compiled versions.

In order to install, download and extract the zip file/s, then move the entire extracted directory into one of the following:

Single user


All users


Once the folder is located at its designated place > launch System Settings (via start menu) > Workspace Appearance > select Cursor Theme from the left pane > choose <FOLDER-YOU EXTRACTED-HERE> and click Apply.

Download Breeze Cursor Icons