WhatsApp Competitor Telegram is Now Accessible via All 3 Major PC Platforms

Does Telegram app starts getting the edge over its adversaries? It seems so, thanks to its high portability feature, you can now keep conversing via your PC – a feature most other messaging apps are currently missing. About 7 months ago I’ve published an article which talked about Why is Telegram App Better than WhatsApp

Updated Sep 18, 2016Apps
Telegram desktop app

About 7 months ago I’ve published an article which talked about Why is Telegram App Better than WhatsApp Messenger.

Back then, the edge that Telegram had over WhatsApp was mostly theoretical since there wasn’t any stable desktop iteration of the app ready for use.

However, since the day the article was published, a lot of progress has been made in the meanwhile to the point where there’s now not only a stable desktop iteration available but also a cross platform one too.

So, as I promised back then, here’s an article about the desktop version of the app.

The official Telegram desktop app is quite simple to install (see below) and is pretty easy to master as well.

If you’re already familiar with the way Telegram mobile app works (since this app’s main target audience is mobile device users – I’ll assume that you do), you’ll have no problem mastering its desktop version.

Upon first launching the app you’ll encounter a login screen which prompts you for selecting the country you resides in and also, obviously, your phone number.

That’s all it takes to set up the app.

Furthermore, you can play around with different settings, reachable via the menu located to the top left side of the window.

Personally, I’ve found the desktop version of the app quite useful and am glad to recommend it to other users as well. [I especially liked the fact the app uses GPL license which officially defines it as an open source app :) ]

Telegram license

If you like to give it whirl too, here’s how you do so:

* Since this is an open-source dedicated website, we will focus on how to install Telegram on Linux operating system, though the same method can be applied to other platforms as well.

How to Install Telegram Official App on Linux?

Installing Telegram Messenger on Linux is actually pretty simple, all you need to do is go to Telegram’s website > click on the Telegram for PC/Mac/Linux link and then choose your platform.

[ Note: for your convenience, I’ve provided a direct link below. ]

After you’ve downloaded the file, extract it and double click the Telegram file inside the extracted folder to launch the app.

Download Telegram for Desktops